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It really is no surprise.  Drones everywhere.  Idiots doing stupid things with drones.  Now…

drone-registerNotice something: for years, decades in fact, RC airplanes flew with no issues.  Now suddenly thousands of idiots who think they know how to fly something come along and make things much more complicated.

Noted in the NBC new article are the following ugly stats which didn’t help:

  • In July, one drone idiot flew too close to a jet flying into Kennedy – within 100 feet of the jet at 1700 feet altitude
  • Firefighting aircraft had to call off runs when a drone idiot got too close
  • Let’s not forget the Chicago drone flying company SkyPan and their $1.9 million fine

Something else to keep in mind.  Though this hasn’t been tested to our knowledge, if you are a licensed pilot – real aircraft pilot that is – and you violate FAA regulations with your toy drone, you could have this violation on your FAA (real pilot) license.

For some this could mean losing your job.



FAA announces unmanned aircraft registration program.  Its true, its really true.

Well, what is true is a task force is being put together to report back by November 20th.

It is coming.

============Double Update==========
It is here, view details on drone registration info page.

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