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Looks like drone insurance is coming along.

I fully expected this to happen, but further reaching.

The insurance DJI is proposing will be for the drone itself…that is, fixing / replacing the crashed drone.

What is going to become more important over time is the liability portion of drone insurance.

When enough buildings or other property items…OR…when enough people get hurt from drones “falling” from the sky, liability insurance is going to become a thing.

And…just like with previous drone operator behaviors, how the drone operators deal with these issues will determine if this becomes yet another federally mandated requirement.

Remember, one of the main reasons drone registration came about is because drone operators were being idiots and flying them where they shouldn’t.

The RC airplane and helicopter world has been around for…decades, and not had to do this.
Yet, a few years of drones, and people being idiots, then blammo – federal registration required.

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