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Press Releases | Drone IdiotsPress Releases | Drone Idiots Content extracted from <li readability=”0.78985507246377″> <p>Winter is around the corner, but new Takeoff and Landing Performance Assessment standards are ready now!… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>30 Sep</a></small></p> </li><li readability=”2.2838709677419″> <p>✈ Traffic Report: ☁, ? flight delays <a href=”;”>@BostonLogan</a>, <a href=”;”>@BWI_Airport</a>, <a href=”;”>@dcairports</a>, <a href=”;”>@NY_NJairports</a>, <a href=”;”>@PHLAirport</a>, <a href=”;”>@flySFO</a>… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>30 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”1.5396825396825″> <p>Pilots: There will be TFRs today Sept 30 in Bangor, ME and Wilmington, DE. Please check NOTAMs. <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>30 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0″> <p>Pilots: Test your ADS-B connection at our NextGen booth this weekend in Prescott. <a href=”;”></a>… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>29 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”1.2111801242236″> <p>✈ Traffic Report: ⚡️-storm, ☁️, ? delays <a href=”;”>@BostonLogan</a> <a href=”;”>@BWI_Airport</a> <a href=”;”>@dcairports</a>, <a href=”;”>@NY_NJairports</a> <a href=”;”>@PHLAirport</a> <a href=”;”>@flySFO</a>… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>29 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0″> <p>Pilots: Be sure you are fully fit to fly so you and your passengers reach your destination safely… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>28 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0″> <p>Digital comms get you there faster and deliver your packages on time. Now at <a href=”;”>@Dulles_Airport</a> <a href=”;”>#flynextgen</a> <a href=”;”>#travel</a>… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>28 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0.78030303030303″> <p>No one ever plans to have an accident – before you fly, know what to do in case it happens to you.… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>28 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”1.7549668874172″> <p>✈ Traffic Report: ☁️? delays <a href=”;”>@BostonLogan</a>, <a href=”;”>@NY_NJairports</a>, <a href=”;”>@dcairports</a>, <a href=”;”>@CLTAirport</a>, <a href=”;”>@fly2ohare</a> <a href=”;”>@fly2midway</a>,… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>28 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0″> <p>RT <a href=”;”>@USDOT</a>: Read <a href=”’s&amp;’s”>@SecretaryFoxx’s</a> remarks at the 39th Session of the <a href=”;”>@ICAO</a> Assembly in <a href=”;”>#Montreal</a>: <a href=”;”></a> <a href=”;″>#ICAOA39</a> <a href=”https://t”>https://t</a>…</p> <p><small><a href=”;″>27 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0″> <p>Now at <a href=”;”>@Dulles_Airport</a>: Digital Communications speed up travel &amp; deliveries <a href=”;”></a> <a href=”;”>@ups</a> <a href=”;”>@united</a>… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>27 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0.73394495412844″> <p>Pilots: There will be a TFR Sept 29 – 30 in New York, NY. Please check NOTAMs. <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>27 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0″> <p>✈ Traffic Report: Clear skies and on-time flights from Midwest to Pacific; ⚡️-storms <a href=”️ntic&amp;️ntic”>@ Atla️ntic</a>: ☁️ <a href=”;”>@ CLT</a> and PHL… <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>27 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”2″> <p>Before you fly your <a href=”;”>#drone</a>, plan your route with the B4UFLY app. <a href=”;”>#FlySafe</a>, fly smart, have fun!… <a href=”;″></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>26 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <li readability=”0″> <p>Pilots: There will be a TFR in Chicago, IL on Sept 28. Please check NOTAMs. <a href=”;”></a></p> <p><small><a href=”;″>26 Sep</a></small></p> </li> <p><strong><a href=””>Let’s block ads!</a></strong> <a href=””>(Why?)</a></p> en-us text/html

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