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How does a company sell $34 million in pre-orders fail?

They also raised $14 million in a series A round of funding.

How again did they fail?
They were slow, but was that it?

My thought is this: sure drones are cool, but a drone that is ONLY to take pictures of you? To follow you around? That’s it? Boring.

Other drone makers added the follow-me capability that made Lily so cool. While they may not be a slick and refined in as Lily for that one thing, they still could do it.

Even if Lily made it to mass production, with its limited other capabilities, it would have failed.

Yes, people like to film themselves…but that ain’t gonna last.

The numbers of people using drones for filming just them, to follow them around are minimal.

It’s too bad, as Lily was interesting, but it was just too limited.

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